PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification Training in Sydney

Get trained and certified with our comprehensive PRINCE2 Practitioner course. We are accredited by PEOPLECERT.

  • Day Classroom Training In Sydney
  • 1 Year of eLearning Access
  • 30 Day Instructor Helpline
  • PEOPLECERT Exam and Certification Included.
  • 2 Simulated Mock Tests Included
  • 40 PMI PDUs
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PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification Training in Sydney

The PRINCE2 Practitioner boot camp in Sydney will prepare participants for the PRINCE2 Practitioner certification exam by PEOPLECERT. Our day course comes with 1 year eLearning access. After completing this training cum certification program, our participants will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding and implementation of the PRINCE2® framework.

Learning Objectives
On completion of the PRINCE2 Practitioner training program, participants will be able to:

  • Be well placed to clear the PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification exam in the first attempt
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding and implementation of the PRINCE2® framework, bring positive changes in business, optimize customer experience and contribute in the improvement process of business
  • Contribute better to his/her responsibilities in an organization

PRINCE2 Practitioner course in Sydney comes with the following components:

  • Day PRINCE2 Practitioner classroom training in Sydney delivered by experienced PRINCE2 certified instructors
  • 1 year access to PRINCE2 Practitioner Self-Paced Online Course
  • 30 days dedicated instructor support post training
  • PEOPLECERT Exam and Certification Included.
  • 40 PMI PDUs Certificate for PMI Credential Holders
  • 2 simulated sample tests based on the exact pattern of the PRINCE2 Certification Exam
  • Section-wise practice tests
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Learning aids, Toolkits
  • Small Batch Size for increased individual interaction with the Instructor

100% Money Back Guarantee – How it works
GreyCampus offers a no questions asked, 100% Money back guarantee to all participants of PRINCE2 Practitioner certification training program in Sydney.

This Guarantee is valid when participants are not satisfied with any aspect of the Prince2 Practitioner classroom training, and communicate this via an email to within 24-hours of the start of the training program in Sydney*.

That’s it!

Who should attend
There are no formal prerequisites for the PRINCE2 Foundation course however, you must hold a PRINCE2 Foundation level certificate or be PMP Certified before attempting to complete the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination.

Post Enrollment
After enrolling for PRINCE2 Practitioner certification training, an email would be sent across to registered participants with the following details:

  • Access Details for the PRINCE2 eLearning Program
  • Venue and Address in Sydney
  • Directions to the venue in Sydney
  • Course Schedule and PRINCE2 Prep Course Agenda
  • Required arrival time and likely departure time

*This offer is valid only when full course price is paid. It is not applicable for disocunt/offer prices.


  • Current challenges for organisations today
  • Definition of project
  • Introduction to PRINCE2®
  • Need of project management methodology
  • Structure of PRINCE2®
  • Six aspects of project
  • Benefits of PRINCE2®


  • Understand seven principles of PRINCE2® methodology
  • Continued Business Justification
  • Manage by Stages
  • Learn from Experience
  • Manage by Exception
    • •Defined Roles and Responsibilities
    • •Focus on Products
    • •Tailor to Suit the Business Environment


  • What are the Themes?
  • The PRINCE2® Themes
  • Applying the Themes
  • Format of the Themes


  • Purpose
  • Business case defined
    • •What is a business case?
    • •Outputs, outcomes and benefits
    • •Types of business case
  • The PRINCE2® approach to the business case
    • •Developing the business case
    • •Verifying and maintaining the business case
    • •Confirming the benefits
    • •The contents of a business case


  • Purpose
  • Organisation defined
    • • Project
    • • Programme
    • • Corporate organization
    • • Roles and jobs
    • • Three project interests
  • The PRINCE2® approach to organisation
    • • Levels of organization
    • • The project management team
    • • Working with the project team
    • • Working with the corporate organization
    • • Working with stakeholders
  • Responsibilities


  • Purpose
  • Quality defined
    • • Quality
    • • Quality Management and quality management systems
    • • Quality planning
    • • Quality control
    • • Quality assurance
  • The PRINCE2® approach to quality
  • Quality planning
    • • The customer’s quality expectations
    • • Acceptance criteria
    • • The project product description
    • • The quality management strategy
    • • Project descriptions
    • • The quality register
  • Quality Control
    • • Quality methods
    • • Quality records
    • • Approval records
    • • Acceptance records
    • • Responsibilities


  • Purpose
  • Plans defined
    • • What is a plan?
    • • What is planning?
    • • Levels of plan
    • • The project plan
    • • Stage plans
    • • Team plans
    • • Exception plans
  • The PRINCE2® approach to plans
    • • Philosophy
    • • Prerequisites for planning-design the plan
    • • Define and analyse the products
    • • Identify activities and dependencies
    • • Prepare estimates
    • • Analyse the risks
    • • Document the plan
  • Product-based planning technique example Responsibilities


  • Purpose
  • Risk defined
    • • What is a risk?
    • • What is at risk?
    • • What is risk management
  • The PRINCE2 approach to risk
    • • Management of risk principles
    • • Risk management in projects
    • • Risk management strategy
    • • Management of risk principles
    • • Risk management procedure
    • • Identify
    • • Assess
    • • Plan
    • • Implement
    • • Communicate
  • Responsibilities


  • Purpose
  • Change defined
    • • Issue and change control
    • • Configuration management
    • • Issues
    • • Types of issues
  • The PRINCE2® approach to Change
    • • Establish controls
    • • Configuration management strategy
    • • Configuration item records
    • • Product status accounts
    • • Daily log
    • • Issue register
    • • Issue reports
    • • Configuration management procedure
    • • Issue and change control procedure
    • • Capture
    • • Examine
    • • Propose
    • • Implement
    • Responsibilities


  • Purpose
  • Change defined
    • • What is progress?
    • • What are progress controls?
    • • Exceptions and tolerances
    • The PRINCE2 approach to progress
    • • Delegating authority
    • • The four levels of management
    • • Project board controls
    • • Project manager controls
    • • Use of management stages for controls
    • • Number of stages
    • • Length of stages
    • • Technical stages
    • • Event-driven and time-driven controls
    • • Baselines for progress controls
    • • Reviewing progress
    • • Capturing and reporting lessons
    • • Reporting progress
    • • Raising exceptions
    • Responsibilities


  • The PRINCE2® Process
  • The PRINCE2® Journey
  • The PRINCE2® Process Model
  • Structure of the process chapters
  • Management Products
  • Key to Process Diagrams


  • Starting up a project
    • • Purpose and objectives
    • • Activities
    • Directing a project
    • • Purpose and objectives
    • • Activities
    • Initiating a project
    • • Purpose and objectives
    • • Activities
    • Controlling a stage
    • • Purpose and objectives
    • • Activities
    • Managing Product delivery
    • • Purpose and objectives
    • • Activities
    • Managing a stage boundary
    • • Purpose and objectives
    • • Activities
    • Close a project
    • • Purpose and objectives
    • • Activities


  • Understand the need for tailoring and general approach to tailoring
  • Tailoring and embedding
  • Approach to tailoring


Q. What is PRINCE2?

A: It is a method for managing projects; there is no Hardware or Software (apart from supporting tools) just a best practice approach to run the Projects in a consistent framework.

Q. What are the PRINCE2 qualifications and what will they teach me?

A: There are two PRINCE2 qualification levels: PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner.

A PRINCE2 Foundation qualification will teach you the PRINCE2 principles and terminology. You will be able to act as an informed member of a project management team using the PRINCE2 methodology within a project environment supporting PRINCE2.

A PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification is the highest level of PRINCE2 qualification and will teach you to apply PRINCE2 to run and manage projects within an environment supporting PRINCE2. Once qualified you will be able to apply and tune PRINCE2 to address the needs and problems of a specific project scenario. You will have a comprehensive knowledge of the relationships between the PRINCE2 principles, themes and processes and PRINCE2 products and will understand these elements.

Q. How big does a project has to be before PRINCE2 can be used? 

A: PRINCE2 can be applied to all sorts of projects, from very small to  very large. Even projects lasting only for few days will benefit from selective application of PRINCE2 guidelines. The key to success with PRINCE2 is to remember it is highly configurable, and so can be adapted for all project types regardless of industry and marketplace.

Q. Are there any prerequisites for the PRINCE2 examinations?

A: There are no formal prerequisites for this course; however, you must hold a PRINCE2 Foundation level certificate or be a PMP Certified before attempting the Practitioner examination.

Q. What is the structure of the exams?

A: The question format of PEOPLECERT PRINCE2 Foundation exam is multiple choices, and for PEOPLECERT PRINCE2 Practitioner exam the questions are in "Objective Testing" format, a style of complex multiple-choice examination

Q. Is GreyCampus an accredited training organization(ATO) to provide PRINCE2® Certification Training?

A: Yes, GreyCampus is accredited by PEOPLECERT as an ATO for PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner.

Q. Does the course include exams?

A: Yes, the course includes both PEOPLECERT PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2  Practitioner examinations.

Q. How will participants get their PEOPLECERT PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certificates?

A: On successful completion of the PEOPLECERT PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2  Practitioner Certification Exams, participants will receive the certificates from PEOPLECERT via email/post.

Q. When will participants get their PDU certificates?

A: All PDU E-Certificates will reach participants within 2 business days after the training classes.

Sample PMP Certificate

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GreyCampus brings to you world class education in professional training and certification. You get a wide range of practice questions, Mock Tests, etc. Participants will also get an e-learning access to the course which helps them go through the course anytime anywhere with ease. One can have access the course on a tab, laptop, phone etc. People who are not able to attend the classroom trainings, for them we provide Virtual Classroom Training Sessions.


PRINCE2® Practitioner Certification Training Venue in Sydney

Victory Offices Pty Ltd
Level 25,300 Barangaroo Avenue, SYDNEY NSW 2000

Sydney is the most populous city in Australia and the state capital of New South Wales. Sydney has an advanced market economy with strengths in finance, manufacturing, and tourism. This city has foreign banks and multinational corporations. There are many businesses based in Sydney and it is the headquarter of many multinationals companies. If you are staying here then you must get certified in PMP, ITIL or Six Sigma for a great career.