Deep Learning for NLP using TensorFlow

32 hours | 8 weekends | 2 hours/day

This Program equips you with a thorough understanding of Deep Learning concepts which can be applied to accomplish Natural Language Processing and Computer vision Tasks using the Tensorflow.

Program Overview

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been transforming multiple industries. If you are looking to break into AI, this program will help you become adept at Deep Learning, one of the most sought after skill in technology. All the major advancements in AI can be attributed to the field of Deep Learning.

This program provides a thorough introduction to Deep Learning, and how it can be applied to various Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision tasks. You will not only learn the theoretical foundations but also gain practice in implementing these concepts using TensorFlow, an Industry leading framework to build Deep Learning models. Throughout this program, students will gain practical know-how so that they can effectively apply Deep Learning techniques to solve new problems.

The program will also draw from numerous case studies and applications, you will also learn how to apply learning algorithms to build Chatbots, computer vision, etc.

Program Benefits

Live Sessions

Live and interactive instructor sessions

Top Instructors

Learn from the practising experts in the Industry

Hands-on Labs

Sessions include hands-on projects in live labs


Learning Management System to reinforce learning

Case Studies

Real-life cases from industry part of the curriculum


Experience end-to-end project completion in the program

Program Outcome

At the end of this program the participant would:

  • Understand Core Machine Learning and Deep Learning concepts

  • Learn to optimize Deep Learning models.

  • Understand Key Deep Learning algorithms e.g. CNN, RNN, LSTM, GRU

  • Learn to utilize TensorFlow, a Deep Learning framework, to build DL models

  • Apply Deep Learning models on various NLP(Natural Language Processing) and Computer Vision tasks.

  • Learn to deploy a trained model in Production

Our Faculty

Rahul Kumar - IIMB

Kumar Rahul

Data Scientist
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Chandan Kumar Sinha

Data Scientist
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Lavita Singhania

Data Scientist


Program consists of 32 hours of blended sessions including instructor-led sessions and online assignments, conducted as 2 hour live-online weekend classes by an instructor over 8 weekends.  Online assignments are self-paced with mandatory submissions. Learning Management System supports all online activates including labs

Eligibility & Prerequisites

Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of Python programming. Participants should have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, science or economics.

Hardware & Software Requirements

  • Computer- preferably Windows 7 or higher/ Mac OS installed

  • Operating System- Windows (Version XP or later) / Mac OS X with XQuartz

  • Minimum 8 GB RAM on the system

  • TensorFLow Software.

Program Dates

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