Business Analytics using R

48 Hours | 8 Weekends |3 Hours Instruction/day

Program designed to empower you with the right data science concepts and skills to be an effective business analytics professional

Program Overview

The future of decision making will greatly rely on data, and no industry will remain untouched by this development. Data, however, has its own set of issues and challenges; for the data available to be meaningful and concise, one needs to organize it efficiently.

In the program, you will learn the nuances of data collection, data presentation, and model building using real-life datasets. You will learn how to build supervised and unsupervised machine learning models, you will be introduced to algorithms to solve classification and segmentation problems. We will also introduce you to R platform, and different algorithms which can be used in the model building activity.

At the end of the program you will develop a clear understanding of the need for business analytics and will be able to apply it to solve some interesting problems cutting across various business domains.

Program Benefits

Live Sessions

Live and interactive instructor sessions

Top Instructors

Learn from the practising experts in the Industry.

Hands-on Labs

Sessions include hands-on projects in live labs.


Learning Management System to reinforce learning

Case Studies

Real-life cases from industry part of the curriculum


Experience end-to-end project completion in the program.

Program Outcome

This course will give you a holistic understanding on data science and its application using R platform. At the end of this program the participant will:.

  • Understand key concepts on business analytics.
  • Understand some of the primary algorithms used for data analysis.
  • Understand and apply supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms.
  • Understand the various sampling strategies and its efficacy in learning process.
  • Gain hands-on experience in applying R on real life dataset.
  • Complete a full life cycle of a project using R.
  • Be aware of different packages which can be used in R for making robust and complex models.

Program Outcome

This course will give you a holistic understanding on data science and its application using R platform. At the end of this program the participant will:.

Our Faculty

Rahul Kumar - IIMB

Kumar Rahul

Data Scientist
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Chandan Kumar Sinha

Data Scientist
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Lavita Singhania

Data Scientist


The program consists of 64 hours of blended sessions, including instructor-led sessions and online assignments. It is conducted as a 2-3 hour live-online weekend class, by an instructor over a period of 12 weeks. Online assignments are self-paced with mandatory submissions. Learning Management System supports all online activities including labs.


Data Science Foundations

  • Introduction to Business Analytics

  • Introduction to Business Analytics

Introduction to R programming

  • Fundamentals of R | Reading Data Files, Data Manipulation

  • Statistics with R

  • Data Manipulation and visualization using real life dataset

Machine Learning using R

  • Inferential Statistics |Hypothesis Testing, ANOVA, etc

  • Predictive Modelling| Linear Regression

  • Classification | Logistic Regression, Decision Trees etc

  • Clustering or Segmentation |K-means and Hierarchical

  • Forecasting | Time series

Real life projects*

  • Retail Analytics

  • Healthcare Analytics

  • Finance and Risk Analytics

  • Marketing Mix Modelling

  • Churn Prediction|Attrition Management

  • Credit Rating.

* Participants will undertake any two projects with an end-to-end development experience

Eligibility & Prerequisites

The program is designed for beginners and no prerequisites are required. However, exposure to statistics and programming will be helpful.

Hardware & Software Requirements

  • Computer- Preferably Windows 7 or higher/ Mac OS installed

  • Operating System- Windows (Version XP or later) / Mac OS X with XQuartz

  • Minimum 8 GB RAM on the system

  • Latest version of R and R Studio should be installed on their system.

Program Dates

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