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RAID Log: How is it useful for a Project Manager?

November 19, 2018

Still wondering what does a RAID Log comprise of? It is an effective project management tool designed to centralize and simplify the congregation, monitoring, and tracking of key project information and analyze the risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies associated with it.

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IT Service Manager: The Hero of 2020

October 29, 2018

Have you been wondering what Everything-as-a-Service(XaaS) is all about? In this blog, you would understand that XaaS is not just an ordinary business plan—infact, it is an operational and strategic master plan used in ITSM that helps in modifying the existing business models and redefines the key objectives of core modernization.

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An Ultimate Guide to Control Charts in Six Sigma

October 26, 2018

Still bothered how to improve and maintain stability in your process? Look no further! Your search ends here. Check out our article which gives you a comprehensive understanding of the significance of a Control Chart for process improvement. Read on to explore further.

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Scrum Master vs Project Manager: How are they different?

October 16, 2018

In the current organizational framework, the two roles - Project Manager & Scrum Master are often used interchangeably in the management space. In this article, we illustrate how are they different from each other and how both the roles have their respective share of responsibility, process focus, and means for issue resolution. Read on to explore more!

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How to analyze your PMP Exam Scorecard?

October 15, 2018

Know how to analyze your PMP Exam Scorecard with a few simple tips & tricks. Hear it from our expert, who breaks down the entire PMP Exam Results report into bits and pieces for your better understanding and analysis. Have a good read!

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Pros & Cons of Cloud Computing: How to work around them?

October 12, 2018

Cloud computing can benefit companies in a variety of ways as it helps in cost reduction, increases productivity, ensures the security of your data, and much more. In this article, we bring you an insight into the advantages and downsides of using cloud infrastructure. Read more to find out some key facts about cloud computing and its uses.

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Top 10 Must-Have tools to perform Steganography

October 05, 2018

Wondering what is Steganography and how it came into being? This article will take you through some of the key tools which help in performing Steganography techniques by concealing secret information invisibly in an image or audio file. Enjoy reading to find out what this ancient art entails.

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Top 6 Reasons for Failing in the PMP Exam

October 04, 2018

Have you been cautioned about the high failure rates of the PMI-PMP exam? Are you worried about clearing the PMP exam successfully? We bring you the top 6 reasons why people fail in the PMP exam which would help you to create a solid PMP study plan and crack the exam effortlessly.

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Earned Value Management: What is its significance in Project Management?

September 28, 2018

Earned Value Management(EVM) is one of the key project management tools to measure the progress of a project. It is an industry standard method to compare the actual work completed at any given point in time with respect to the original budget and schedule invested in the project. In this article, we illustrate the purpose, calculation, and benefits of Earned Value Analysis in project management. Read on to explore further!

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